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  • How Podosea Started

    The Korean maritime industry has showed continued growth despite the difficult situations home and abroad. However, despite possessing one of the world’s biggest maritime industries, the digital infrastructure of the domestic market has struggled to keep up. The lack of accessibility to information faced by both individuals and companies has led to information sharing becoming centered around offline networks.
    We felt the need to gather companies with the country's best technical prowess and services onto one platform, a place where online promotion and non-contact cooperation was possible. Podosea was created with the hope of becoming the gateway for the growth and overseas expansion of Korea maritime companies.
  • Podosea’s Vision

    Companies can easily request projects through Podosea. You no longer have to go around looking for partners yourself. Just post a RFQ to receive quotations from certified companies registered with our platform, reducing time and expenses and forming partnership with trustworthy companies.
    A huge number of domestic maritime industry companies are registered with Podosea. You can find various types of businesses with our easy-to-use search function.
    Podosea also provides diverse maritime industry information to individuals and businesses. Ask and receive expert information which require deep understanding of the field, including various news about the maritime industry.
    Podosea’s services will provide more opportunities to individuals and businesses than ever before.
  • The Future of Podosea

    We look forward to the growth of the maritime industry and wish to become a part of that progress. In Podosea, we dream of a platform where maritime specialists and businesses can communicate seamlessly, gathering together here to grow into smarter companies and advance into the international market. Together with Podosea, we believe that the Korean maritime industry can advance towards a brighter future.

Once, the oceans were a source of fear for humanity.
Rough waves and sunken rocks may strand our ships, but they are also obstacles we must overcome.
We hope Podosea will not be a place of fear and intimidation, but a place of sharing which everyone can enjoy.
Let's all sail through the PodoSea together.

Podosea, the comprehensive maritime business platform.
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  • Company Registration Number735-81-02350
  • Mail-order business report2022-Busan Haeundae-0222

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© 2021 PODOSEA All Rights Reserved.